October 1, 2021

2021 Senior Model Team Search

Now searching for 2021 Seniors from the Baltimore area to join my Elite Senior Model Team!

What is a Senior Model

Each year, a special group of Seniors are chosen to represent Heather Allred Photography. The purpose of my Senior Model Program is to offer a unique and amazing experience for select Seniors. These are the Seniors that are bright, up-and-coming young girls and guys who appreciate portraits, fashion and style. I am looking for outgoing students who are going to take their Senior year BY STORM!

What are the basic QUALIFICATIONS to apply?

-Be a 2021-2022 Graduating Senior.
-Agree to represent Heather Allred Photography and have your Senior Portraits done exclusively by me.
-Parent/Guardian involvement is extremely important.
-Have an active Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook account. 
-You and your parents must read through my Session and Print pricing information.
-Agree to schedule your Senior Session within 3 months of your graduation date or earlier. 
-Agree to the Model Program price. *See below

How Do You CHOOSE Your Senior Models?

Selection of my Senior Models is exclusive; many will apply but I only select a small few.

Selection is based on personality and being active in your school and extracurricular activities. Most importantly, I look for Seniors that are excited about being in this program and want me to be a part of their Senior Year. This program works best if you are outgoing and open to try new things! We stylize all of our shots so being comfortable in any situation is a MUST!

What is the Model Program PRICE and what does it INCLUDE?

-$250 session fee due at contract signing
-At least 4 stylized shoots
-A vibrant and unique gallery filled with dynamic images 
-You cannot be a part of any other photographer's Model Team
-Contractually obligated to have Senior Portraits done by Heather Allred only

THat's it!

...this is probably the best deal going so far as bang for your buck when it comes to Senior Portraits!

Heather Allred