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I am originally from North Eastern Pennsylvania where I was born and raised.  I went to college not too far away in the Poconos and really left the area for the first time in my early 20's for an internship in D.C. with Homeland Security while I lived in Northern Virginia. That internship lead to another and then to a full time desk job as a contractor for the Federal Railroad Administration. By this time I had moved to Baltimore and the hefty commute in and out of the city lead me to seek alternate employment and luckily I managed to find a position much closer to my new home as an analyst. That was almost 15 years ago.

During that same time I developed a love for portraiture and practiced heavily on my bonus-daughters. I branched out to their friends, then to my babies and that all grew over time. Beginning in 2007 I wanted to perfect my skills so I would attend portrait workshops lead by the absolute best Senior photographers in the country. That's where things really changed for me. I absolutely LOVE learning more and more about how to be the best portrait photographer I can be.

light chaser • photo taker • Pizza connoisseur

I believe that having portraits taken is one of the most precious things that we can do for ourselves and our families. Someone did a study once and they said that if you want to know just how much someone loves you, go see how many photos they have of you up in their home. Not only does it show love, it's an express ticket to a moment in time that triggers memories that otherwise might have been long lost. For me? I am petrified of forgetting the color of my husband's eyes and how they're the lightest shade of blue I have ever seen, the shape of my mother's hands, the jolly smile of my father, the go-to poses and silly faces of my babies. The way we were, in that moment in time. Looking at old photos and seeing characteristics shared with loved ones. That's me though. Wait- I came here to talk about me-
I value portraits that's for sure but here are other things I value-
I value happy kids, we have four in total. Watching them grow and evolve is probably one of my all time favorite things in the world.
I can quote many movies and often base most of my humor off of favorite movie quotes. 
On that note, I love to be light and happy and silly, for many reasons, but mostly because the world has enough sadness, I choose happy.
I am easy going and like to take the path that's presented to me rather than the one I plan, and it has served me well so far.
I love pizza and mozarella sticks too so if you want to know the way to my heart, that's a good start!
Welcome to my page and I do hope we can work together some day so I can show you just how beautiful you are! 

Owner, Lead Photographer


Heather Allred