Graduation Day Photo Guide!

Perry Hall, MD


The day you’ve been waiting all year for is right around the corner and you’ll never regret memorializing your graduation day with tons of photos! The worst thing that can happen is getting so wrapped up in the festivities that you forget to take photos! Use this free capture guide to help you document this incredible time in your life!

1. You in your graduation dress: remember to get all the angles! Whip that dress around, peek over your shoulder, smile at the camera, all the things!

2. You in your cap & gown: be sure to take a full body pic, close up, selfies, and everything in between to capture your grad garb! Take a few without the gown, but just your dress and cap too!

3. Details: don’t forget to take pics of your grad program, class ring, diploma, sashes, and everything else! This is the most overlooked aspect of commencement photos, but some of the most important!

4. You with your family: grab Mom, Dad, family members and loved ones and take some sweet photos with them too! They’ll want to look back on this moment forever!

5. Commencement Event: take all the pics at your actual graduation ceremony! Snap a few of your family in the stands cheering you on, you and your friends in the class rows, and your friends as they cross the stage!

So there you have it! With this checklist you’ll be sure to have tons of pictures that will allow you to look back at your amazing graduation ceremony without missing anything! If you wanna take it that extra step, don’t forget to include video & interview your friends for even more memories!

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