It's so important to me that you fall in love with your photos and the best way to ensure you get photos that you will LOVE is to be as prepared as you can be for your big day! Because the best way to have your best-foot-forward is to be... prepared! Here are a number of preparation guides that I give to all of my clients!

One. Stop. Shop.

Senior Magazine

My senior magazine is one of the first items my clients receive, it has a ton of info about your big day and lots of pretty!

What To Wear Guide

A fashion-forward senior's guide to a portrait perfect wardrobe.

Makeup Guide

10 Make-up tips to help you look CAMERA-READY!

Hues Guide

Ever wonder what colors might make you pop!? Check out my guide that uses your skins undertones to match you with some eye-popping hues!

What to Pack

Listen, there's a lot going on when you're getting your senior portraits taken... here's my helpful guide of things to bring with you just incase the shhhh hits the fan!

Grad Card Etiquette

All the Do's & Dont's to announce your graduation to your friends and family in style.

what *NOT* to wear

What's probably just as important as knowing what to wear.... you've guessed it....... knowing what NOT to wear! I am here for you because we want these photos to stand out and stand the tests of time!

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