March 1, 2018

What's it All WORTH to you?

Why are you so expensive?

I get this sometimes. I hear it and I understand it. I am a mom of soon-to-be FOUR kids. I know about how expensive it can get to even just go to dinner. Our kids are 24, 18, 4 and TBD (expected arrival June 3rd.) 

"Why," they ask, "if you are one of us, would you charge so much? They're just pictures - I can go out and buy a nice camera too."

First- it's not the camera, it's the photographer. I can buy you some paintbrushes and paint at the craft store, can you create a work of art? Can I go out and buy you the most expensive saxophone and you can play me a tune? I've spent years studying and practicing my craft to bring you the excellence that I feel you deserve and that I feel justified in charging for. 

If you consider the official school photos- they're pricey as well, the quality varies, the experience is not very personable, they are rigid in what's included and they nickel and dime you. 

What makes my services different is that I offer actual SERVICE. From the moment of your initial inquiry, everything is tailored to your Senior. Does the company who is contracted to do photos for their school ask your Senior to fill out a questionnaire so they can get to know their likes/dislikes to start to mold a whole session around them and their personality? No? I do. What about style and outfits, hair and makeup? Does the company who is contracted to do photos for the school meet with your Senior weeks ahead of time to talk about style, outfits, jewelry hair and makeup? No? I do. What about education; does the company who is contracted to do photos for the school send you guys a bunch of education on how to prepare your skin and how to dress for your shape and basic tips and tricks for the day of your shoot so your Senior will be completely prepared? No? Okay, this is getting interesting. So far I have already spent HOURS working with you on your Senior's perfect session looks and we haven't even began shooting yet. On the day of your shoot, your Senior is already more prepared and knowledgeable than the average Senior who had only selected the least inconvenient time slot available online with your school photographer (meanwhile having never even met them); not very personalized is it?... The morning of our shoot your Senior begins working with professional hair and make-up artists and is getting the full pampered treatment. Once he/she is ready we go to the per-determined location(s) and begin to SLAY. Photoshoots last about 3hours or more and include a multitude of poses and locations. Wait, the company contracted by your Senior's school only lets you choose a few locations and a few poses. UGH. Wait, is retouching included? If your Senior has some blemishes do they charge to fix that? Oh.. they do? I don't. Not one portrait that I create leaves my hands until it is completely finished and up to par with my high standards of quality. That means that even basic retouching is included; because I won't send you out there not looking your best.  

It's important to me to make your Senior feel as beautiful as they are. 

So lets talk about my Collections. 

I offer 4. My most popular is my largest and for good reason. The Luxe Collection includes 50 High Res Digital Files on a STUNNING crystal USB drive in a Luxe media storage box, a premiere Senior video that will feature session favorites, a custom designed image box that can hold 30 5x7 mounted prints, a senior app to share with friends and family, a $1200 credit to pick anything you want from my a la carte menu and 20% off anything additional. I offer customized wall collections with complimentary installation and a lifetime guarantee covering wear and tear. I offer customized digital graduation announcements, customized graduation invitations and customized thank you cards.  

So there you have it…it’s pretty cut and dry. Would you rather have 1 pose for the rest of your life to look back on or for less OR have an awesome session, that is 120% tailored to your Senior, that includes retouching, that you're prepared for both inside and out, that you're comfortable with, that offers you multiple outfits, locations and poses and that you will remember for the rest of your life? That was a true experience instead of a waste of money? 

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Heather Allred Photography serves clients from North Eastern PA to D.C.
. Baltimore . Perry Hall . Towson . Germantown . OCMD . Hampton .

Heather Allred Photography serves clients from North Eastern PA to D.C.
. Baltimore . Perry Hall . Towson . Germantown . OCMD . Hampton .

Heather Allred