You've been preparing your child for every milestone and every important event from the day you picked out their "first" First Day of School outfit. Now, you've reached a day that used to seem so far off. The final year is full of so many milestones and rights-of-passage and you should really go out with a BANG! Let's celebrate all of the "finals" and prepare for some "firsts" with a Senior Photo Session that will do justice to all of the years of hard work you've put in.

If you haven't figured it out yet- Senior Year is by far the busiest and most sob-inducing one yet. Let me take some of the worry away by covering basically everything photo related in this final year and give you back some more time with your baby before they go away to college. I provide time and energy-saving guides to make your big day super efficient. I design custom yearbook pages as well as custom Grad Announcements, yard signs and print products. 

Taking senior portraits is so much fun for me! I make sure your senior photos are clear so that when blown up, you will still be super sharp and in focus. I actually stop many times mid-session to check my sharpness. You deserve to have a high quality image that will stand the tests of time. A side-effect that I absolutely LOVE about taking senior photos is that its a HUGE self-esteem booster! Watching a face light up when they see themselves is such a high for me that I just love to do it over and over again. Another point I like to mention is that I capture my clients as realistic as they truly are, my skin tones are not orange, they are spot-on and I don't over smooth any faces- I DO absolutely remove any blemish that will not be there forever such as fresh cuts, bruises or acne at no additional charge because my final products say as much about my work as they do about your personality. It's important to me to provide you with only the best senior portraits in Baltimore. One of the best things I get to witness is when Seniors bring along their parents to share in their special day. Watching the love and emotion really hits me in the feels and I love to be a small part of their journey together. 

One thing I am NOT is a volume photographer. I also do not shoot hundreds of images and burn them onto a CD for a suspiciously low cost. I am thoughtful with my posing, outfits and locations. I invest in my clients to ensure their experience is one that they will remember forever and one that will produce amazing images that will last a lifetime by constantly perfecting my craft and learning how I can better serve my clients. I don't shoot 40 Seniors a month mainly because I can't give my clients the attention they deserve if I take on that kind of workload and I feel that if I do bombard my calendar with photoshoots, I won't find any joy in shooting anymore and I truly love the investment and interaction with you all. 

I get it, I'm a mom too

Non-Refundable $250 Session Fee due at time of Booking to secure your spot **covers time and talent

Every year I take on only a handful of Seniors. Sessions fill up fast but I do have wait-lists. I shoot all through the year. I strive to give all of my clients a Senior Portrait Experience as memorable as their Senior Pictures themselves. On average my clients are spending between $1200 and $3000 on print products and digitals.

You deserve so much from your Senior Portrait Session. I mean, you're not average... why should your Senior Portraits be?


After your gallery is prepared we will meet at my office for your Reveal/Ordering Session where you will see your portraits for the first time and place your order. Online galleries will be made available for a duration of 2 weeks for family members to see and consider purchasing additional products however the images will be heavily watermarked to protect myself from digital theft (screen-shotting). Your product order submission and payment is due at your Reveal/Ordering session. Neither digital nor print goods will be released until payment is made in full. 
I do accept all forms of payment.

Albums • Prints • Canvas • Announcements • Specialty Items


Printing your images is so important. USBs/CDs get lost in junk drawers but prints get put in frames and hung up on the wall for everyone to see! We have gotten so lost in the excitement of the digital age that we have forgotten the romance and charm of stunning portraits being beautifully displayed on your walls to look at every day. I read somewhere that if you want to know how much you're loved, go see how many pictures someone has up on their walls of you. Investing in portraits, in my opinion, beats out upgrading a smartphone or buying the latest designer purse- those things are trends and lose appeal but what doesn't ever lose appeal is looking at a beautiful portrait of a loved one- that right there is priceless and is why I pride myself on giving you the highest quality images on the highest quality products the industry has to offer.

* I am not a shoot & burn photographer. Digitals are included in my top two packages and are offered a la carte at $250/ea. 

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