Started by Thomas Nguyen and quickly spreading to locations all over the United States, Project Beauty began with the goal of redefining what true beauty really is and how beauty is portrayed on social media. So often teens are bombarded with imagery of what society perceives as beautiful. While this culture has always been around, social media has only amplified this effect and it has put this in the forefront of our teens’ daily lives. With Project Beauty, our goal is to bring natural, true beauty to the forefront of everyone’s social media and bring attention to the fact that teens do not need to look a certain way in order to be accepted by their peers and fit in. 

Our mission: redefine how beauty is depicted on social media and to photograph seniors with no makeup and no retouching. The result are images that allow these teens to walk away feeling more confident, empowered than before and showcase what true beauty really is.

Project Beauty is a short portrait session where there is no makeup, no airbrush and no extravagant outfits. Participants are asked to come in jeans and a white shirt with their faces clean and their hair natural.
$25 gets you one of only 12 ten-minute sessions and a digital download of your favorite image. 100% of the proceeds will be donated. 

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