My Favorite Shoot Locations

Oh boy do I get it- You've spent the past twelve years focusing on school and sports and when it comes time to commemorate your experience you're at a loss as to where on earth to shoot!

Fear Not.

In no particular order I am going to list for you my favorite spots to shoot. Most of the time I shoot in Baltimore County but I do go where the pretty roams... Come away with me and check out alllll of the pretty Maryland has to offer.

Haven Street Ballroom

Haven Street Ballroom is located in Highlandtown, MD on Haven Street. What's huge about Haven Street Ballroom is that it's a pure slate and you can literally do anything or you can keep it clean and simple. The lighting in there is already AMAZING because they have two huge windows  letting all of the delicious light drip in. They also have a beautiful bridal suite that is super-fun to shoot in as well as a great entryway if you want some shots outside. Haven Street Ballroom does have a space rental fee and you do have to get on their calendar. 


The Clyburn Aboretum is located in Baltimore City and sits on 200 acres. It's got super spacious and beautiful natural spaces great for shooting outside. Why I love this location? Simple. There are probably a million different spots for a million different poses. The Clyburn Aboretum does require a permit.


The Rawlings Conservatory is located at Druid Hill Park and is probably one of my absolute top-five all-time favorite locations to shoot. Its covered in beautiful diffused light and that mixed with the beautiful flora and fauna makes for a versatile and thought-provoking backdrop for beautiful portraits. A permit is required to shoot either inside or out.


Not to be too general but playgrounds and tennis courts can be a super cool and fun place to shoot. They have a more urban vibe. Plus, who doesn't love a playground.... amirite? Plus it seems like Maryland has a plethora of playgrounds to choose from!


The beauty of Jerusalem Mill is that it is popular for portraits and I love trying to bring something extra to your standard Baltimore County locations. It has a beautiful field where grass grows high, it has Little Gunpowder Falls running right through it, it has woods and trails and barns too! A luscious location if ever I did see one!


Habitat at SEYA is located in Highlandtown on Eastern Ave. It is a CrossFit and Wellness center and also hosts weddings and events. The inside is super dynamic and makes for really cool and unique shots.


Incorporating animals in your Senior Photo Session can add some fun to your gallery- I recommend adding pets as an accent and not as your whole gallery but it's your session and I want you to do you! This session was taken at Three Oaks Farm Alpacas and let me tell you those Alpacas aren't just cute, they're super soft too!

north point

North Point State Park is absolutely incredible- it has so much to offer! Woods, parking lots, sandy beaches, a pier an old building... it makes for some beautiful and versatile images, that's for sure!

If you've got any location suggestions feel free to drop a line. Booking early insures access to your most desired locations. Some places charge and some don't but I have never come across a crazy permit fee- so let's get creative. I mean, when again will you be celebrating your Senior Year...? never!

From Perry Hall and beyond- I am here to give you absolutely gorgeous Senior Portraits because you deserve it and so do your parents for putting so much work into you all these years. Let's Celebrate!

Heather Allred