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Heather Allred is a published and award winning Senior Portrait Photographer located in Perry Hall, md. providing bright and bold portraits full of life and personality, her portraits don't just show off your pretty face- they showcase your unique personality and charm. It's all about YOU and making sure that you have a Senior Portrait experience as authentic as you are. Heather is a full service photographer specializing in providing beautiful print products.

Serving Perry Hall and baltimore Area Seniors

Your senior portrait session is designed just for you, with the outfits you want, the locations you like, and the looks you love. You and I will work together to make sure that your senior pictures are just what you’ve been dreaming of - from helping you choose the perfect outfits, finding great locations and selecting just the right products to capture your memories. 

Why Go Pro

I don’t know how to break this to you... but images taken on your iPhone or an entry level digital camera aren’t of fantastic quality. Have you ever looked back at images you took on your phone years ago? Most likely they are low quality, a little grainy, and just not great. This is because the digital industry is evolving every year and what we thought was amazing a few years ago is laughable now. That’s why hiring a pro with a professional camera *who knows how to use it* is the best way to ensure that your images will be of the best quality for years to come! Professional photographers invest in top level equipment to make sure that they can produce high quality images that can be printed in large format products (like canvases and wall prints) and stand the test of time. 


High Quality

Why Go Pro

Photoshop is the number one editing software for professional photographers. We can remove blemishes while retaining skin texture, perfect exposure while maintaining beautiful colors, and bring out the best features of the image while staying true to natural tones. Non-professionals usually use iPhone apps or other consumer level software that can actually destroy the underlying image and manipulate the details that make it so naturally beautiful. Hiring a pro will ensure that your images are edited with the utmost care and that you will look like you on your best day. 



Why Go Pro

Have you ever seen a picture of yourself and said, “Yikes! That is NOT the best angle!” Professional photographers know how to use angles to make you look your best in photos. We also know how to pose you so that your best features are front and center! Non-professionals don’t understand how lens choice can manipulate your width of features, how to instruct you to look natural in your pictures, or how to best flatter you with specific posing knowledge. Hiring a professional photographer can mean a difference of night and day in how much you love the way you look in your photographs! 


experience in

Why Go Pro

Getting your senior portraits taken is a rite of passage and I don't take that lightly so I will not leave you with a bunch of digital downloads that will be lost or forgotten. Not only do I deliver products that you can touch and show off, I take it one step further- total white-glove service- I won't add to any of the Senior Year Stresses that plagued those before you, meaning - custom Grad Announcements too- yes I even create those for you to send out along with other perks!


we are in this

Why Go Pro

When you hire a professional photographer for your senior portraits, you enter into a contract between yourself and a business owner. This means that your photographer is committed to providing you with professional portraits that you will absolutely love and cherish forever! Non-professional photographers don’t have contracts and consequently are not legally bound to provide you with what they promise. That can be really scary when it comes to documenting such an important time in your life! Entrusting your memories with a contracted professional is the only way to go!

committed to you

a professional is

I am committed to showing you just how beautiful you are. I am committed to helping your Mom and Dad cherish their investment in you through portraits that will make their heart burst with joy every time they glance at them. Lastly, I am committed to giving you a moment that you will remember forever.

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