Outdated senior pic practices to leave behind in 2024

Putting your best foot forward for your Senior Pics is important because these photos mark a time in your life that you will look back upon forever. Below is a list of outdated Senior Pic practices to leave behind in 2024!

+ Senior pics on active railroad tracks: it’s not only illegal, it’s incredibly dangerous as several people have been killed in mid-portrait session while on the tracks. No picture is worth your life.

+ Quickie sessions: rushing through a session that’s supposed to document a once in a lifetime experience is not the way to go. Invest your time to make sure you get it right.

+ Only getting the digitals: this will ensure that you never look at your senior pictures again. Opt for a senior album or beautiful wall art to memorialize this amazing time in your life.

+ Cookie cutter sessions: if you feel like livestock on a conveyor belt during your session, you’re not getting the best experience out there. Hire a photographer who wants to show off your personality and what makes you special in your senior pictures.

+ Over editing: all seniors want to look like an actual human in their senior pics, with pores, skin texture, and real skin tone. Choose a photographer who strives too maintain those unique features that make you, YOU and won’t over edit your senior pictures.

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